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For most teams, the 2014-2015 season gets underway this weekend. Best of luck to everyone that has matchups in the CT Shoreline Basketball League and the Fairfield County Basketball League. And for all of the rookies tipping it off for the first time as a travel player, go get'em. You earned it!!!

Reminders for Parents:

*Log on and use the Registration link to pay if you haven't done so already.

*If you need to pay for a uniform, please make a check out to the MYBA for $85 and give it to your child's head coach.

*Like us on Facebook for MYBA- and basketball-related posts.

*We tell the players that they are representing Madison every time they put on a Madison uniform. The same is true every time a family member or friend comes to cheer their loved ones on. Let's keep it positive and remember that the players are just kids, the coaches are volunteers, and the refs are human, too. The MYBA appreciates it (and so does your son or daughter!).


Reminders for Coaches

*Coaches meeting at Brian Hughes's office on Sunday (11/16) from 7:00-8:45.

*Be sure to post game results as soon as you can so that everybody knows how your team did.

by posted 11/13/2014