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Sprague School
Address: 1443 Thomaston Ave Map
City: Waterbury, CT Map
Drive Time: 55 minutes
Directions: Mapquest directions to Sprague School, Waterbury, CT. -

1:  Start out going EAST on OLD TOLL RD/CT-80 E toward MATTEO CT.
 1.9 mi
2:  Enter next roundabout and take 3rd exit onto CT-79.
 8.3 mi
3:  CT-79 becomes MAIN ST/CT-17.
 0.8 mi
4:  Turn LEFT onto WALLINGFORD RD/CT-68. Continue to follow CT-68.
 5.2 mi
5:  Merge onto I-91 N toward HARTFORD.
 2.9 mi
6:  Merge onto CT-15 N/WILBUR CROSS PKWY via EXIT 17 toward I-691/BERLIN TPKE/CT-66.
 0.9 mi
8:  Merge onto I-84 W via EXIT 1 on the LEFT toward WATERBURY/DANBURY.
 8.7 mi
9:  Merge onto CT-8 N via EXIT 20 toward TORRINGTON.
 2.3 mi
10:  Take the HUNTINGDON AVE exit, EXIT 36, toward COLONIAL AVE.
 0.2 mi
 0.3 mi
12:  Turn LEFT onto THOMASTON AVE.
 0.1 mi
13:  End at 1443 Thomaston Ave Waterbury, CT 06704-1715
Estimated Time: 55 minutes Estimated Distance: 39.34 miles