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To ensure you and all your parents are receiving automated emails about practice and/or games you can do the following:


  1. Log In
  2. Go to your team's Roster
  3. Click on the little orange edit box (to the right of the phone number for a player) and you will see their personal profile
  4. Make sure any/all email addresses for that family are loaded.  You can add more than one to the email box, but put a comma between email addresses
  5. Make sure the boxes are checked indicating "Remind" for practices and games

PS  From that Roster page you can also send your own team emails by using the Options box.

Good luck!


Adding your Son or Daughters Basketball Schedule to your GMAIL, iCal or Outlook Calendar


  1. Log into the website
  2. Using the top navigation, Travel Teams > Choose a Team > Boys or Girls > Select your team
  3. Using the left navigation, Select Schedule
  4. Next, choose the calendar Tab
  5. Look for the Options drop down menu above the calendar feed
  6. Select a service/calendar icon type in the pop up window
  7. Follow the remaining prompts